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A lazy day of summer

Guess I felt a little like the Sox last night... just didn't have enough to go for the win. So I didn't get as much done as I hoped. Here's a somewhat random selection...

I love what these photos illustrate about the guys in the bullpen and how much they follow the game.

Brandon Moss tracks the high fly ball in the sun--Craig Hansen peers in...

... Moss makes the catch, Hansen has already lost interest. ^_^

Javy Lopez.

Okay--I've already established how much I love Jacoby Ellsbury running, and this is behind a cut, so I'm posting a bunch. I would love to know how he runs all-out with his tongue like this!


(Folks in the way--I didn't really get the slide.)


Craig Breslow.

Kevin Cash crosses the plate after his pinch hit HR.

After Youk's HR:

High five!


"Aw, man... don't pat me on the head!"

I should mow the weeds today, before heading in to see Wakey and the boys tonight, but we'll see--I might be more motivated for photos!
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