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My camera sees things my eyes can't see

Last year, Dan Hoard of the PawSox "radio guys" told the story of how Manny Ramirez had given Chris Carter a couple of his bats. It was even noted in the radio broadcast when the sad day finally came that the last of the Manny bats broke. And I know that those bats were very meaningful to Chris; when I handed him a photo I'd taken at New Stars for Young Stars this past January, a shot of him at the plate, bat extended, he looked at the picture and said, wistfully, "That was one of Manny's bats."

So today Cyn and I went to Pawtucket--where they won 1-0, and the rain held off!--and I'm now home editing some photos. And I look at one of Carter, and his bat...

Jason Bay.
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