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A couple of thumbnail page previews...

April 18: PawSox host Lehigh Valley
Lots of pitchers pregame: Charlie Zink, Clay Buchholz, Michael Bowden, Daniel Bard, Fernando Cabrera, Chris George, Rocky Cherry, Kris Johnson, and Robert Coello does a drive-by in AAA. Plus Paws' birthday, some fans seriously weirded out by mascots, and even a few up from the game itself--more to come there!

Poor Charlie Zink, doing long toss with Bowden... I don't think Mike knows how to throw softly.

April 25: Yankees at Red Sox
Not done with this one either, but at least I can see what I've done...

(Seriously, you just point the camera at Jacoby Ellsbury and he'll do the rest.)

May 3: PawSox host the Gwinnett Braves
Lots more to come, but a quick selection, from Spike on the move...

... to Bowden and Zink at rest.

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