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It's hard to know what to say about JD, what the starting point of the discussion should be.

I'll miss him. He has character, and I think in a way his character was far more important to Boston than it will be in New York. Here he was Johnny Damon. In New York, everyone's Johnny Damon, or thinks they are. Look how long it took A-Rod to fit in; there's no guarantee it's going to be smooth sailing for JD.

I don't know whether the Sox were caught unawares (which would be bad) or were determined not to overpay (which would be good).

I don't know if Damon simply followed the money* (which would be bad) or if he looked around at what was happening with the Sox--Theo gone, GM by committee, people being shipped out of town left and right and others wanting to be shipped out--and thought, between the cash and the team structure, I better take it and run. (As much as I hate Steinbrenner, you can count on the fact that he's a nutcase who wants to win and will throw a lot of money and people into that effort every year [whether or not it's successful!]. I'm really not sure what you can count on with the Sox right now!)

* And the money is always its own issue. People ask why someone would jump ship for a few extra million on top of more money than us mere mortals would know what to do with. But money equals respect at that level--it's the barometer of where you stand among your peers and how well you are respected by your employer.

I think the Yankees are overpaying (what a surprise--check out the lineup [thanks BDD]). (And I hope Jeter doesn't mind running into center field to take the relay throws! And the Yankees know about the concussions, right? And the fraying shoulder? Wouldn't it be funny if he fails his physical?) But I bet if we'd moved Manny, we'd have overpaid for Damon ourselves.

I guess I just can't get too worked up about it, one way or the other. After living through the we-didn't-get-A-Rod winter (and how'd that work out?) and watching the Chi-Sox win it all (and everyone predicted that last winter, right? Right?), I can never forget that nothing matters until you play the games.

Santa, if you're still accepting lists... I know I said I didn't want anything, but I've changed my mind. I'd like Torii Hunter, please. And I've been very, very good this year...
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