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A Christmas story

I don't always open Christmas cards the day I receive them--especially before I have addressed and mailed my own. So when I got a card Tuesday from Pat, my pal and game buddy from the Remy Report, I didn't open it immediately.

Tuesday night we got word of the Damon signing.

So I had Tuesday night and Wednesday to ponder, and I've written about it, of course. But my "eh" mood may not adequately have got across the feeling of diffused defeat. Another one of the 25 gone. Another position the Sox don't have filled, another question, another unsettling moment, another reason to wonder if I should be looking forward to Hansen and Papelbon or dreading the next trade, the next season.

Wednesday night I opened Pat's card. The photo of Pat with Curt Schilling. My ticket to the Baseball Writers dinner next month. And something wrapped in dark blue tissue.

I unwrapped the tissue. A long silver chain, with a tiny pendant. A pendant engraved with a single word.


No one who knows me will be surprised to hear that I burst into tears. Or that I haven't taken it off since.

This holiday season, set aside what you know, and BELIEVE. Know that there is disappointment, but believe in hope. Believe in joy, in family, in friends, in love. Sox fans, believe in Varitek, in Big Papi, in the bullpen kids. All of you, believe in reindeer, in repentance, in redemption.

A Christmas gift

For any of you who could appreciate a holiday carol from Peter Murphy and Tom Waits ("not really!"), I present to you This Holiday Season. (Really from kteeski's friends in the band Porn Orchard!)

A Christmas recap

We went to my brother's Christmas Eve, armed with a trunkload of gifts--and only a trunkload because I would have made a decent spatial engineer. I bought Kerry a sparkly red tutu with a removable music box that plays the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies--this even before I found that her favorite book is one I gave her last year, I Wear My Tutu Everywhere. Also gave her a giraffe raincoat complete with head/hood, a hula skirt, and a stuffed mouse (which my brother will use indefinitely to torment my skittish sister-in-law--the mouse even found its way into the refrigerator while we were there!). (Then again, my brother is also the person who hid a stuffed Abominable Snowman in the freezer.) Meghan remains happy and unflappable, and I hope the pictures we took accurately reflect the alarming resemblance she had to the Charlie Brown doll my mom gave her!

Got a full lounge set--pajamas and personalized fleece blanket!--from kteeski as well as Red Sox earrings--above and beyond the call of friendship! And this is not to mention the light-up Christmas light necklace, which amused my co-workers and entranced Kerry. A lovely terra cotta dragon, cat mummy earrings and cool cat (sunglasses and all!) socks from badriyaz appeared at the back door! I let Mom buy me something I'd bought myself--she wrapped the shipping box, so this morning it was a surprise to her, if not to me! (A new Big Papi Red Sox jersey--BLACK ON BLACK! I am SO much more comfortable in it than I am in home white or road grey!)

A current events update

Not much use to buy a fresh turkey when it freezes solid in the downstairs fridge. Last night, when I would have enjoyed sleeping, I was attempting to quick-thaw it so I could get the neck etc. out and get it into the brine. Meanwhile, Leo spotted an opossum scouting out the back yard, and desperately wanted me to open the kitchen window ("Hey! hey! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM! MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM!") as I tried not to contaminate everything within reach with salmonella.

Made an apricot quick bread this morning--yum. Also opened a bottle of Champagne, of which I've had all but about three ounces. Apologies for any typos...!

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