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Saturday I walked and dog-watched at Fresh Pond in a just a light fleece jacket and was nearly too warm. Today we have snow everywhere, the kind of quickly accumulating stuff that seems to pile up two inches on your coat and bag just while waiting for the bus. Go figure.

Weekend football actually went the way I hoped! I'd really like to see the Bus take out the Super Bowl on his way out. And although I think his team is going to be wiped out, I wanted to see Mosi Tatupu's kid make the trip.

New Jose Melendez today, with two honest-to-goodness laugh-out-loud lines:

It's not that Jose doesn't like Crisp as a player. He is clearly a talent. He is young, cheap and should be entering the prime of his career. Jose just hates the name "Coco Crisp." This is going to confuse a lot of people. A lot of folks out there think Coco Crisp is just about the best baseball name ever, and perhaps the best name in any category in history. Jose is not disputing any of that. It's just that... well... it's too easy.

Here Jose is slaving away all day and night to come up with quality nicknames like Antipope (In)Clement XV and Balki Arroyo, and the Sox pick up a guy who is one syllable away from being a breakfast cereal.


Some analysts have faulted the Red Sox for this delayed release rehiring, saying that it is indicative of disorganization and ongoing chaos in the front office. Nonsense. What it is indicative of is showmanship. In a town where we must spend the next six weeks with nothing but the deadly boring Celtics and the even more deadly boring Bruins, the Red Sox have done us the favor of stretching out the story, making it lively and interesting. Do people complain that the survivors of Lost didn't get off the island on the first episode? What about the castaways on Gilligan's Island? The Red Sox, with their whole "We're going to hire Theo, oh we blew it, maybe he's coming back, no he's not, yes he is but we won't tell you as what" drama have given us weeks of entertainment at no extra cost. Actually, Jose is a little surprised Lucchino hasn't come up with a way to sell tickets to each and every press conference in the whole sequence.

Come to think of it, so am I!

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