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A love story for V-Day

I knew how it would end, as soon as it started.

I first saw you by chance encounter, an unexpected introduction. Initially I put you out of my mind, but days later I realized I was still thinking about you. I asked around. I Googled you a few times. All harmless flirtation... except that I couldn't stop.

When it got to be too much, I made the fateful decision and came to see you, but I knew even before I got there that I would be lost at that first touch. I deliberately made sure I had little time that day, just a quick stop, a quick meeting, no commitment. But that brief caress was all I needed, and I thought of little else for days. I could imagine us together, at Spring Training, sitting behind home plate at Fenway. I wanted to hold you again.

I thought I was privileged before. I thought I was satisfied. But you're so different, so special.


... you have manual focus. And 8 megapixels!

Yes, I bought another camera. ^_^ Bad, bad sittingstill. Another Panasonic Lumix, but quite different from the one I've been using since July 1. This is a much larger camera and feels a lot more like an SLR except that it has excellent range without needing to swap out lenses. (For the price, I could have had a true digital SLR, but a) I'd have had to sacrifice the zoom, which was not an option, and b) I really don't want to be schlepping lenses around Fenway!) The reason the manual focus had such appeal is that I have several games in ST where I am sure we'll be behind the netting at home plate, and my smaller Lumix is really determined to focus on the net.

And it appears I will be saved from bankruptcy, as a fellow model horse collector has offered me a staggering sum of money for my unpainted Sarah Rose Brioso resin. I will miss him.


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