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My niece (nearly three) called the office this morning and very sweetly and adorably sang "Happy Birthday." To badriyaz, who had answered the phone. And then again to me. ;)

Not much to report that's birthday-festive today. Besides having to punch in a new number on the elliptical at the gym that asks for your age! And several times today I've had to write the date (on paperwork, checks etc.) and nearly wrote my birthdate instead. This weekend I'll go to see "Brokeback Mountain" and then to dinner on Saturday, then out to see Glenn and his family Sunday. At that point I imagine time will speed up as I approach my departure for Spring Training.

Oh--I did change the calendar at work today to the "three pairs of puppy-dog eyes" shot, two pairs belonging to actual puppy-dogs and one to Bronson Arroyo. On a not unrelated note, ever since seeing the Great Cookie-Off I've had a particular song in my head...
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