January 30th, 2006



My bus did not come this morning. It was a chilly, damp 35-minute wait, for which I was not adequately dressed. Got to work a few minutes late, which would not have been that bad except that the service guy for our dictation machines was already patiently waiting and somehow there were deliveries everywhere (how DHL managed to get a letter halfway across the floor inside the locked door only slightly less wondrous than how a professor managed to get a hand-carried letter all the way into the locked foyer and into the crack in the suite door). Ran around like crazy for a half-hour gathering machines to be repaired, opening the mail, etc. before trying to log into the computer and discovering that we have no network connections. And since I have no dictation machine, either, this is not looking like a productive morning. The Year of the Dog bears ill omens like soggy tennis balls.

But the weekend was good. Got to the gym Friday and Sunday. Saturday morning I spent an hour in the circle of hell that is the Virtual Waiting Room but managed to emerge from it clutching Red Sox tickets in time to make it to my hair salon, where it turned out they had deleted my appointment from the computer after inadvertently recording the wrong person's name. :-/ They managed to fit me in anyway. I had to wait an extra half-hour, but that gave me a chance to browse Theatre Photo for picture frames. Saturday night I managed a concert doubleheader: Ad Frank at the pub stage of the Abbey Lounge and Seven Sunless Days at the Middle East Down. It had been too long since I'd seen Ad Frank, and definitely too long since I'd seen him solo; it was a terrific set including not only my favorite cover of his (the spectacularly moving solo piano version of "Talk of the Town") but "Bay of Fundy"! It was great to see SSD on a big stage in front of a good crowd; they sounded terrific, really compelling, and had a really good response. I headed out right after their set, which proved to be a lifesaver, as I was dangerously close to falling asleep all the way home.

Sunday I managed to get some work done on my brother's web site, which is much harder to work on than sittingstill.net. Probably has something to do with the fact that I'm not actually a web designer...
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pet peeve

Current headline on boston.com: "Reilly chooses female for running mate." Yes, the story itself expands the headline to "female representative." But still. How about "Reilly chooses woman for running mate"? That way, they could save "female" for all the times they incorrectly use "woman"--say, when they write about "women doctors" or "women professors."

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