January 12th, 2008


Dear Theo: I don't want Santana

Had a lovely day with the Red Sox Chick today at New Stars for Young Stars III. Full photo page is here. They seem to have the logistics down a little better now; I'm a firm believer in numbered tickets and being called by groups. I had to make do with a borrowed photograph for Hagadone and a Lowell Spinners card for Kalish, but I had a decent shot of Bubba Bell and a semi-reasonable one of Justin Masterson. For Michael Bowden the hardest thing was picking a photo! Somewhat the same for Jon Lester and Jed Lowrie. Had to hit the archives for a shot of Gabe Kapler. And while part of me really wanted to get this shot of Dustin Pedroia signed, I settled for this one, though I did show him the other, to his and his wife's delight!


Justin Masterson is a wonderful young man. Asked my name, wrote a lovely inscription on my photo, and was entirely unfazed that I then stalked him from across the aisle for a good photo. At one point he glanced up and there were three of us aiming lenses at him--he gave us such a disarmingly gorgeous smile that I don't think any of us got the shot!

And the same for Michael Bowden. I've seen Bowden pitch a few times, and he seems extremely intense about his pitching, but he was very relaxed and accommodating of fan requests. Big, big plus in my book--he complimented me on my earrings. ^_^ (Silver Sox studs!)

Jed Lowrie drew a tough slot sitting with Pedroia, but showed equal parts confidence and affability and still has the best smile on the Sox roster. Stowing his bowling shoes next to the table was a nice touch.

Jon Lester was a touch reserved, but yet a sweetheart--it was fun to watch him sit with the little kids for pictures.

And the more I think about it, the less I want to see most of these kids go so we can sign Santana.

Pedroia is amazingly tiny. I know everyone knows the 5'9" on the roster is a joke, but I think the 180 is as well. I almost knelt down to talk to him. (Poor thing--I congratulated him on the World Series, congratulated him on the Rookie of the Year award, thanked him for the World Series, and thanked him for making the play in the seventh in Buck's no-hitter. He may have been grateful when I stopped talking and let him sign!)

Gabe Kapler is utterly electric. It was hilarious to watch folks light up when they got near him.

We met little Lexi, the young cancer survivor who has been on NESN--she is a real live wire but a magnificently polite and personable child who had compliments for both Cyn and me and was positioned by the door for hand-slaps on our way out. Just a joyful girl.
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