January 16th, 2008


Red Sox rookies!

Photos from the Rookie Development Program pups' signing today are up here!

Cribbing shamelessly from the note I sent the Red Sox Chick immediately afterwards...

I showed Jed Lowrie my photo of Pedroia trying to open the champagne and explained the story (and apologized for being rude and not letting him in on the joke Saturday--he was at the same table). He remembered the day in Philly when I took the picture of him I had signed! That was in April of 2006--check the page for some photos of those darling pups Lowrie and Ellsbury...

Dusty Brown was listed as "Dustin" in all materials. "Dusty! You're not going 'Dustin' on us, are you?" "I'm whatever they want me to be." He looked at his picture for a long time after he signed it. "That's a good picture!" Yes. I rock.

Justin gave me a big "HEY!" of recognition. I've now seen him more in the past week than most of my friends.

I told Buck I was lucky I'd brought a picture, and was going to have to get him to sign my ticket. "I'll sign it for you!" me: "I'm going to track you down!" him: "That won't be hard..." Not sure if this indicates he remembers me or not. It did have a certain aura of "... because it seems like you go to every freaking game!"

I brought Michael Bowden some prints, as I'd promised him Saturday, and I think he thanked me three times. He is incredibly sweet. And those blue eyes are still killer.

Bubba Bell was still smiling. Bates (who looked like a lost rock star who'd wandered in from Lansdowne Street), Richardson, Van Every, Carter were quiet. Hansack caught me snapping him while I was in line and smiled. I explained that it rained every time I saw him pitch, so I had a photo of him from Baltimore catching another pitcher. He seemed pleased. On the other hand, if someone came up to me and said "He doesn't understand any English, you know," I wouldn't entirely be surprised. Hunter Jones was funny--I had a spring training shot, and the first thing he said was "My old glasses!"

The way they ran it this year, they sold numbered tickets in the T-shirt side of the store, and then called groups of numbers to line up in the jersey side. Much better than last year's enormous line! One long banquet table, not much of a photo op. I got through relatively quickly but then ran into Mike from Soxprospects and chatted with him until his number came up (mine was 70--bought at 3:15--his was 270, bought before 4:00!).

Next up: the Boston Baseball Writers' dinner tomorrow night!
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