January 27th, 2008

bronson belly

She fell in love in the first place

Me wearing Bronson Arroyo's World Series ring at Mohegan Sun last night. Thanks to Cyn for the photo!

What a day. A morning of VWR hell (marginally successful--I can't complain), followed by a trip to Connecticut with Cyn and Cindy (and thanks again to Cyn for getting my ticket and Cindy for accomplishing the Herculean task of driving us all door to door!) to see Bronson play. I am definitely not a casino person--just remembering trying to navigate through the sensory overload is making my head hurt--but the Cabaret was a terrific venue, very nicely laid out and truly intimate. Highlight of the show for me was a by-request version of "The Freshman," with Elan Trotman on solo piano, which despite Bronson's disclaimer that they were winging it was brilliant. I hear tell that there may be black market video evidence of this that may surface. Stay tuned.

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