February 19th, 2008


Stand with your hands in your pockets and stare at the smudge on a newspaper sky

Kind of an unsettled day that followed an unsettled weekend. My boss was hospitalized Friday; I talked to him Saturday and it seemed not entirely out of the question that I'd be getting a grim call over the weekend. Fortunately it now appears he'll be okay. I thought I'd have to bail on long-made plans Saturday to watch over one of the cats--bad enough that they've got kidney and thyroid diseases, this looked like Lego was due to hit the emergency room again--but he was okay... but it was badriyaz who had to sit the day out with her weasel, and though things looked better then, they've been worse since, and she and Seti are constantly in my thoughts. Coming down with something myself, hitting the mint tea, and to make matters worse I made a few missteps of a sort I don't normally make. Well past melancholy on the way to teary when I left work.

The Pru was glowing reflected copper gold when I got to Kenmore, so I took a brief trip up Brookline Ave for the sunset. Not the best ever, perhaps, but some big billows of orange and purple, and a little wintry wind.

Missed my bus at Alewife, but caught one that left me a bit of a walk, which let me stop dead in my tracks twice to watch the moon slip the sheer spots in the clouds over herself: once bright, sharp and lacy, which I'd have liked to have photographed, and once glowing and diaphanous, which I'd have liked to have painted. (If I could paint.) Also got loudly chewed out all the way down the back street by a majestic collie. I'm sure I deserved it.

My heart was still heavy when I got it home. Going to wallow for a few minutes, then see if I can get something constructive done.
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