March 8th, 2008


A few photos and a PSA

I'd like to have a few words with you all about batteries.

If you shoot photos at games, you should always have at least two fresh, fully charged camera batteries.

Under no circumstances should you leave a charged battery in the charger at the hotel while you are at the game. Nor should you assume you will get the same performance as usual out of a battery that has been sitting in the camera bag unused for months.

(You can guess where this is going, huh?)

Shot BP and then Buck's first inning before the camera chirped to let me know the battery was low. My priority for the day was Masterson, and fortunately I knew he'd be out for the 8th and 9th, so I took virtually nothing during the game until he came out. Did get him, though!

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The hex (relatively speaking) continues...

Well, it was a day of odd things. The Sox decided not to let us in for the morning sim game, so by the time the gates opened I'd missed Pauley entirely and had just a few pitches from Bowden before E-Mart and KJ each pitched a frame. No Sox BP, no one in shooting range in the pen. But the worst was yet to come... no, not Beckett, who will be fine, I'm sure, but my poor camera. I was shooting Timlin when the shutter made a very-wrong-sounding click before giving me a cryptic error message. Nothing worked. On/off, new battery, new CF card, new lens, nada. It needs help.

A few from before it bit the dust, most from the sim game...
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