May 15th, 2008


I gave you the gift of the remainder of my patience

It really doesn't faze me all that much if the team hits a rough stretch... but it drives me crazy to read some of the misinformation and vicious nonsense folks come up with. I think the tough times show the real character of people a lot better than the good times. Generally speaking I think of every player's ability as a wave--sometimes they're at the top, sometimes the bottom. Get enough waves to line up and you have a terrific game or a terrible one. We've certainly had a taste of just about every form of losing in the last two series, so I don't think there's much to point fingers at. Starting pitching? Relief pitching? Drawing walks? Hitting for power? It's all there... just not all at the same time. No need for panic.

I didn't see yesterday's game--all-afternoon work event--but it sounded in the immediate aftermath much more grim than it appeared when I looked closer. Lopez got the ball on the ground he needed; bobbles happen. Hansen made some good pitches he didn't get credit for; one or both of the batters he faced could have returned to the dugout if he made the same pitches again. Okajima's just not the same starting with runners on base. The results might have sucked, but it wasn't quite the meltdown I thought it was just looking at the numbers.

Realized in hunting for something that I'd edited more shots than I'd linked, so there's some new stuff on the March 3 and March 8 spring training pages, as well as a few shots from Pawtucket on April 19. I had the best intentions of making a lot of progress during the last road trip, but somehow that didn't happen. I may be in the same funk the team's in!

But an out-of-state buddy from my vacation home in the SG comment section will touch down like a Manny high-five later today, and I'm confident of some good times and some wins this weekend!
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