May 28th, 2008


Guapo Time!

If by any chance you were listening to the radio broadcast of the PawSox game last night and heard mention of a drawing of Edgar Martinez in the bullpen... that's it. ^_^

Managed to get thumbs pages up for the stuff I've edited so far from the Sox on May 20, the Sox on May 22, and the PawSox May 26. There will be more from the 20th and a lot more from the 22nd and 26th to come! Mostly Justin Masterson on the 20th; decent mix on the 22nd, although you can tell I can't resist Jacoby Ellsbury on the basepaths. Masterson again on the 26th because it was the first time I had him in a PawSox uniform and I knew he wouldn't be in the game, and because I've only just started in game photos.

Edited to add: if you've registered (it's free!) for MiLB gameday audio, last night's broadcast is in the archives here (scroll down to May 27 and click on WHJJ!). Original discussion of the picture starts at 2:31:50 or so; follow-up (in which a comment I made about Masterson sounds a lot more fangirlish than I meant it, really) is at about 3:04. ^_^
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