June 7th, 2008


Update on Leopold

Angell called yesterday afternoon to say they could take him as an emergency in the evening, so I trekked home to fetch him. This was my first trip to the newly redone Angell, and it was indeed a well-designed and comfortable place. I did evict a man with a German shepherd from the Cat waiting room, though. ^_~ Had to wait for a while. They had Animal Planet ("PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE CHANNEL") on the TV, showing Meerkat Manor repeats... I don't think I have ever managed to catch it when someone doesn't die, so of course I get the episode where Flower is bitten by a cobra. Which of course made me lose it completely. sigh. Kept scritching Leo through the carrier opening, and he kept looking at me as if to say "I'm sick, but it's not that bad..."

The vet at Angell thinks the mass in his abdomen is his right kidney, in which case it's either oversized, out of place and shaped wrong (probably not a good sign) or it's been pushed out of place by something growing in/on his intestines (ditto). They checked him in for IV fluids last night and he'll have the ultrasound, X-rays and if needed any blood work that his regular vet didn't do this morning. I'm hoping he can come home tonight; there seems to be a bit of a question of whether they could have the imaging results read today. If he can't come home, I'll rationalize it with the idea that if he had to pick a weekend to check into a climate-controlled hospital, this would be the one.

badriyaz will understand when I express my deep appreciation for the financial program they have. ("And with your projected minimum balance, you qualify for 12-month interest-free financing!")

Waiting with the cell for this morning's word...

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More on Leo

Talked to the vet twice today. Nothing particularly good. The mass indeed is his right kidney; she thinks he may always have had a smaller left kidney, and it's given out, and the right has been trying desperately to meet demand. But his intestines show changes as well that may indicate lymphoma. And the heart murmur for which he was checked years ago is reappearing, slowing down the process of rehydrating him in order not to overload his heart. On the plus side, his creatinine levels were dropping as they did get him fluids. She wanted to keep him another night but was optimistic that he can come home tomorrow.

Went to visit him during visiting hours... oh God. I suppose in retrospect that he's sedated (otherwise he'd have chewed up his IV tubes, trust me) but he looked hellish, so very much worse than when I brought him in. He was aware enough to know me and purred continually while I rubbed his head; I was fortunately only overcome once, given that he had the penthouse cage and his downstairs neighbor's people were comforting their critter too (and it was a bit challenging not to, y'know, cry on them).

In the computer chair where I'm sitting right now.

In the interest of fairness, his brother (with the laundry).
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