June 9th, 2008


Leopold and the boys of summer

Yesterday the vet said that although Leo could go home, she thought it would be best if he stayed one more day; his kidney values were still dropping, and this would give them a chance both to get him more fluids and to taper them off before he goes home today. Given that as she was telling me this I was sitting in Fenway wondering if what I'd just wiped off was my sunscreen or my melted nose, this sounded like a good idea. I'd gone to visit before going to the park, and he looked brighter, if less pathetically glad to see me and more ticked off that I hadn't yet rescued him.

But then, this morning's update was that he was "quiet" (uh oh) and not eating. They had initially tried wet food, which he doesn't particularly like, then dry food, which he ate at first. But he doesn't like the very small dry food pieces, so my immediate response was to dash to the pet store for some of his regular dry food and then race to visiting hours. (I think although I'm at work right now that today's going to go in the books as a vacation day.) "Quiet" is an understatement. :( He actually looked relatively decent physically, but he looked exhausted and dispirited. I may be projecting, but he looked as though right now the cage, the beeping in the ICU, the barking dogs, etc. have become too much for him. I still have to wait for the call from the vet, but I am going to insist that if he is stable he comes home tonight.

Edit: got the call. "non-diagnostic" results on the intestines, "mixed inflammation" on the liver. The vet offered exploratory surgery; I think not, given what we already know about his kidneys. He agrees that Leo appears more depressed than yesterday but isn't convinced it's just being in the ICU, though he's willing to let me take him home. I just... I can't leave him there. If I need to bring him back, I will.

In the meantime, I'm still hoping/planning on two nights in Cincy, though I've killed the Philly leg of the trip. We'll see how it goes, what they might want me to do with sub-q fluids at home, etc.

For all that I could scarcely see through the sweat, the camera did all right yesterday.

Justin Masterson is a joy to photograph, he really is.

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