June 23rd, 2008


I was not leaving yesterday without a win.

I was a little heavier-hearted than I expected; Fenway is usually somewhere I feel restored and rejuvenated, but I had my field box seat again, which is where I took the last good-news call about Leo two weeks ago. But the boys battled it out, Hansen did me proud, and while I've hardly looked at photos (by the time I got home and had some dinner* it was bedtime) I did get a couple from the celebration.

* I was glad that in pondering the existential dilemma of the ballpark--Dog? Ice cream? Dog? Ice cream?--I'd settled on "Both!"

Surreal moment of the day was gazing at the dugout rail and seeing Masterson look at Casey, then look at Casey's arm (next to him), then pull up Casey's sleeve for closer inspection.

(Note Brandon Moss: "I am going to stare straight ahead until whatever is happening is over.")
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