July 2nd, 2008


The pilgrimage has gained momentum

(I mean, you all knew where I was going, right?)

Just a couple more of Mark Bellhorn for now...Collapse )

My two games in Jacksonville turned into one--the storm that forced my flight into a temporary landing in Savannah apparently spooked the folks at the Baseball Grounds enough to postpone Monday night's game, though it was bright and rather comfortable by gametime. But the Tuesday day game went on as scheduled, and he played, and I could shoot. And I shouldn't ask for more than that, should I?

Plenty more to come!
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Rest assured this will not last, take a turn for the worst

I generally don't have much to say after a tough loss. I guess what it comes down to is that a lot of anger comes out in other folks, including people I love. I love my team. I honestly don't think they owe me anything. I understand disappointment, but not anger. Save anger for things you can actually do something about--you, yourself.

But of course, it's not my job to tell folks how to react, so I lay low, and just make a promise to cheer harder the next time I'm out.

Edited a bunch more of the new Mark Bellhorn collection. They're as yet uncaptioned (the series where he leaped out of the frame needs captions--oh, if he'd just been able to hold onto that wild throw!)

and there will be more, including his teammates, should you be a Suns fan! In any case, they're here.
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