July 6th, 2008


Operation See Kyle Snyder: FAIL

Well, the Red Sox Chick and I trekked out to Scenic Lowell yesterday in hopes of seeing Kyle Snyder's rehab appearance for the Spinners. Unfortunately, about a half hour before gates opened the Spinners got word that due to travel delays Kyle wouldn't be there. No announcement was made, so we held out hope even after seeing Stolmy Pimental listed as the starter that Kyle would make a relief appearance, but no such luck. Ah well.

It was a good trip, though. We have two games in Lowell later this month and it was nice to get the lay of the land. Gorgeous little park, friendly staff, good concessions and it was easy to move around even during the game. I'd wanted to see Stolmy, too!

Cutest photo I've taken in a long time...

The "Spinners Kids" got to go onto the field before the game--that's 2B Zach Gentile with "his" kid.

Stolmy, heaven help me, reminds me in physique of another #45...

More later!
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