July 11th, 2008


So good to see you, Friday...

So I ran Get Data Back all day hunting for deleted files on the drive from which my photos vanished, but returned home to find that it hadn't located anything useful. As much as I love this program, I thought maybe a different one might get different results, so I downloaded Recover My Photos and ran that on the memory card, in the more intensive search mode, not realizing that it would take hours, on a night where there was no good sports TV to be had. (I subscribe to mlb.tv rather than the cable package because I nearly always have computer access, and I'll have day games on while I do paperwork at work, etc.) Result? Same as Get Data Back. Somehow on the card most of the files that had been deleted lost enough header information that they couldn't be identified as .jpg files anymore.

But it was bugging me that they'd vanished. Especially when I realized that although I'd renamed folders, they were in the first folder I'd renamed, which should have been a safe move.

Maybe I accidentally dragged the contents of the folder somewhere?

Well, let me peek in the folder next to it, the July 8 folder.

Hey, look. Craig Breslow, pitching! In the daylight!

So I was delighted, but at the same time...


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More tonight!
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