July 27th, 2008



Last fall, a bunch of us from the Surviving Grady comments section went to the Lowell Spinners dinner. Jonathan Papelbon (among others--helloooo, Gabe Kapler!) was scheduled to be there to sign autographs. At the very last minute, doubtless fearing chaos (or perhaps because he was appearing at a signing event the next day), the organizers decided he would instead sign Spinners baseballs for everyone in attendance. Because the word came so late, though, most folks had brought items to be signed. At one point a woman walked past me with a matted photo labeled "Charles River Dance" from the division clinch--and I only got a quick look, but I thought, Wait a second... is that one of mine?

So I went over and asked where she got it--at the mall, she said. It really looked like mine. But it was an 8x10, and seemed a little too sharp to be from what I would have posted, and of course there were press photographers there, and I must be crazy. But it had no identifying marks, otherwise--no MLB logo or anything. I kept my eyes open at the malls but never saw one again.

I keep my eyes open for signings; while I don't love paying, I do like to get my work signed, and I'd usually rather pay than bring items to the park on the off chance someone signs AND I wouldn't have to push a little kid out of the way. New England Picture is having a signing next weekend, and I'm a bit tempted, since Justin Masterson will be there. But I was looking at the order page...

... and there it is.

So I'm not crazy, right?
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