August 6th, 2008


Random indicator of how far behind I am

First, my public appearances in the next week... ^_~ Say hi if you see me!

Saturday, August 9: Futures at Fenway! I've got a front row seat behind home, a front row seat on the third base line, and a second row seat between home and first, so I have all the angles covered.

Sunday, August 10: Pawtucket! If the rotation holds Mike Bowden should pitch, which would make me very, very happy.

Tuesday, August 12: Fenway! Wooo!

Wednesday, August 13: Pawtucket again, for Autograph Night! Let's hope I'm fully prepared and don't have to ask anyone to sign my arm again.

Anyway, I've been scrambling to print photos of the PawSox, and in some cases went back to Spring Training... which in turn reminded me of how little I edited from some of those games. A few shots I stumbled over...

Mike Lowell from about six feet away.

Jon Lester, this time from maybe fifteen feet.

Bobby Kielty and DeMarlo Hale.

Someday I'll get caught up. Someday.
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