August 15th, 2008


ten things I like beginning with the letter...

From badriyaz . If you want to play, comment here and I'll give you a letter!

She gave me the letter E, which was tougher than I expected...

1. Equus: the species and the magazine. I was always a horse-crazy kid, and it never went away.

2. Elizabeth, aka "mom of sittingstill." ^_^ And speaking of "Sitting Still"...

3. Eighties music. Maybe not what everyone thinks of as the 80s, but the music I love is pretty heavily weighted toward my high school and college years. R.E.M., the Chameleons, the Church, Aztec Camera, Mission of Burma... the roots of most everything I love in music go back to that time. And something else got going during the 80s...

4. ESPN. Yes, children, there was a time that 24-hour sports programming didn't exist--and when there was surprise that someone would even launch a network devoted to it. Now, between the network and the web site, it's my go-to for general sports news.

5. E-mail. Ah, you take it for granted now, but back when I got that first Prodigy account... wow. And I'll cop to having AOL in the early days and hearing that glorious "You've got mail!" Nearly instantaneous communication that erases physical distance. What's not to love?

6. eBay. Oh, holy unity of eBay and Paypal, what treasures you have brought to me!

7. EOS cameras from Canon, including my beloved 30D and 40D, with a shout-out to the EF lenses. Probably goes without saying, huh?

8. "Electric City" by Firewater. I love listening to KEXP online; they play just enough of what I know I like, and just enough of what I haven't heard yet. I've discovered everything from the Magic Numbers to M83 through them. This track is insistently catchy--they love it, I love it.

9. Electricity. Never fully appreciated until that moment when you don't have it. (No, children, I don't recall a time without that one, sorry!)

And last but not least...


Ellsbury. ^_^
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