September 3rd, 2008


I wish every day was like today

It was, indeed, the day of awesome.

Friends first: Bridget, whom I know from the SG comments and who is leaving momentarily for England; jennyagain, whom I know from here but had never actually met, and swerve, whom I know from here and a bit on SoSH and, again, someone I knew only online. Instant connection for all, even if we hadn't all shown up in the navy Sox player tees (Pedroia winning with two, Lowell and Lowrie settling for the dead-heat tie for second). Great folks, great baseball fans. ^_^

The weather was spectacular--bright and sunny with some puffy clouds and perfect temperatures.

Having dragged everyone there for gates-opening, I hoped we'd get at least some long-toss... but what we got was a full BP that lasted close to an hour!

Followed, of course, by talking and laughter and then the game, which did not disappoint.

I'd love to claim that I prearranged Pedie's HR for Jenny and Masterson's win for Bridget, but alas, I can only say that I did know that Deb would appreciate the photo angles as much as I did!

Randomly-selected visual evidence!Collapse )

I had such a good time today--so much fun, such wonderful baseball, such terrific company. It almost hurt a little when it was over. ^_^

Next year: Row of Awesome, the Return!
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