September 23rd, 2008


A celebration

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on clinching a postseason berth!

Before anyone asks, no, I wasn't there. ^_^ I'm envious of those who were able to see the celebration unfold in person, but at the same time I'm well aware that one can't have everything.

Monday night's game was a little tough; I had a great time with Cyn, but it would have been nice to get the win, to clinch a spot, to keep pace with the Rays... and failing that, perhaps to get home at a decent hour. But it wasn't to be. I did eventually make it home, of course, to find that Mom of sittingstill had had a bad day but was feeling a bit better, she claimed.

At least until she went up to bed.

Hearing your name called in panic and despair from another room is never a good thing, perhaps especially so when you've just touched exhausted head to pillow. But it's funny how seeing someone you hold dear unable to breathe, too weak to move and to all appearances dying will wake you up.

Twelve or so EMTs in the house, a sleepless night in Lahey's ER, some new medical vocabulary ("Bradying down"*), and a day in the Cardiac Care Unit later, mom of sittingstill looks less deathly. We still don't know what's going on. Her heart rate isn't regulating, but it doesn't seem to be a cardiac issue. PET scan in the morning is the next step. But she seems stable. And she's still here.

So I was delighted to see Justin Masterson waving a champagne bottle and grinning goofily at the camera, Mike Timlin and Tim Wakefield smiling together, Crabcakes Lester beaming with Beckett and being crabby for Heidi, the bullpen guys dousing the cop (and Okaji's much more respectful trip out for congratulations), so many players' kids, Alex Cora ruffling Sean Casey's champagne- and beer-soaked hair. But at least for now, I've got something more to celebrate, too.

(Aside to jennyagain: I'm trading off at the hospital midafternoon with my brother, so I'll be there!)

* True story: when one of the ER techs said "I hope she doesn't Brady down while she's here," I really thought he was making a joke. I nearly played along by pointing out that her knees were just fine.
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