November 1st, 2008


Random things and miscellany...

Day one (for me) of the Sure Shot extravaganza! (I'm given to understand that Friday was a little nuts. I called Mike Friday night: "What time do you want me there?" Exhausted voice: "What are you doing now?") Wasn't quite sure how I'd be helping out, but I wound up doling out prepaid ticket orders. This is definitely the kind of thing that suits me, but the odd part was that in most of my life I'm the person who clears up problems, makes decisions on how to handle things, etc--here I was the person who listened to the problem and then waved for help. I don't really like being that person. ;)

It was near lunacy for the first few hours. I had to have someone else get my stuff signed by Justin Masterson and Daniel Bard, though I did run over later to say hi to Justin, and Mike made sure to point out to Bard that I was the person who'd taken the spring training photos of him they had at the show. At one point a stack of pizzas went by, ever so tantalizingly, since at that point all of us were too busy to eat! (A big shout-out to my buddy Pat here--she brought me a soda that is probably the only thing that kept me from passing out!)

Shortly after I was finally able to duck into the office for a bite to eat, Josh Papelbon popped in. You know how people will say that a ravenous person inhaled something? Well, as far as I can tell, Josh Papelbon actually inhaled a slice of pizza. There was nothing inelegant about it--he wasn't stuffing himself--but he picked up a slice of pizza, and it simply vanished. Two bites, tops. It rather reminded me of feeding my horse on Facebook--you click the hay bales and instantly the food is gone, and it transforms to health and energy before your eyes. (I did take the opportunity to ask him something I've always wondered: "How did your mother keep food in the house when all three of you were teenagers?" "Sam's Club and Costco?" :eyes pizza:)

When most folks had picked up their tix, my job shifted a little to keeping an eye on the office door. The office is one of the few places guys signing at the show can hide for a moment, but the door's never entirely closed; while I understand folks who peek through from a distance, some people are just crazy--in most cases I could look folks in the eye and they'd back off, but I had one person try to pull the door all the way open for a photo while poor Yogi Berra was taking a break.

I had someone cover me long enough to take my own photos over to Craig Breslow--we talked a bit about his foundation and he cracked me up by telling me that mine had been the first substantial gift they received, and they didn't know what they were supposed to do! (They sent me a card of thanks and a T-shirt, which was very sweet, but at the time it had seemed like they'd raced to the mailbox with it!) He assured me that they have everything down now. ^_^

It had been a long time since I spent a whole day standing, and I took a big chance by wearing brand new shoes, which fortunately passed with flying colors. (Aside to Cyn: they're shoes! Real shoes!)

I had more things in my head to write, really I did, but I'm way more tired than I ought to be...
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