November 3rd, 2008



Saturday night, Lego was fine... Sunday morning, he was slow to come down for his treats when I got up (not like him), and when I put them down for him, he sniffed, nearly vomited, and then walked away, slowly, looking a little wistful that he couldn't eat them. He didn't eat at all Sunday, save for two bits of steak that he wanted enough to override his reluctance to eat but that he could barely swallow. Same deal this morning--plus he shook his head at one point and nearly fell over in the process. Off to the vet. She didn't find much in the physical exam (beyond the fact that he was lethargic and clearly not himself) so he was off for a round of blood work, plus some Pepcid and another drug to decrease nausea, and some fluids. Some progress: he's been more interested in food this evening, which thankfully included the Pill Pockets, as I was dreading trying to get pills into him otherwise. However, he's still quite depressed-looking, and when he shook his head while standing on the kitchen floor his feet went right out from under him and he flopped on his side.

It's possible he ate something off the floor that he shouldn't have eaten, and this is temporary illness and will pass; it's also possible that his kidneys are declining, or that some other part of his 16-year-old body is starting to fail.

I'm not ready for this. :(
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