November 7th, 2008


Lego update, again

Well, I was sure that today was the end. Last night he had less equilibrium and less interest in food. I was in the computer room, and he went to jump for "his" chair and took a pretty good tumble. I'm sure it hurt, and it knocked the wind out of him (I held him while he coughed and took short breaths), but it seemed to dampen his spirit, too. He sat under a chair looking uncomfortable; I stretched out on the floor and rubbed his head until he was dozing and I was just short of exploding in tears. I went upstairs and lay down on the bed for a cry... and the next I knew he was there, too. Purring.

But I didn't want him to get hurt, so I called the vet first thing today--I was really hoping he'd be able to see his lifelong vet, but she's out until Tuesday. Set up an appointment with her partner and asked for a call first to talk about it. Sat and gazed at the cat. He gazed back. Almost a little bit beseechingly, as if he wanted me to come closer. I leaned in... and the little bastard went after my necklace.

So when I talked to the vet, we ended up deciding we'd take it a day at a time. Who knows--that could mean tomorrow's the day. I hate to have to make the call when his spirits are good but his body is betraying him--I also don't want to wait until he's miserable and make him end a good life that way. But today, at least, he wasn't ready to hear the bell.
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