November 11th, 2008



I had it in my head that I would get things done today: cleaning, raking the leaves, getting some photo stuff done (either some new photos edited or at least catching up on the thumbnail pages), getting to the gym, maybe even going in to work to catch up on a few things. As it was, I cleaned the kitchen, and then basically stared with dull eyes at the internet all day.

Ah well. Tomorrow I get another shot, I guess.

Couple things from the "good" side of the ledger: public confirmation of Cyn's win in the WEEI blogging contest, and an old video from simplykimberly's files that made me happy...

Edit: one more thing that I'd somehow missed that made me smile...

Incumbent Bob Bacon defeated Matt Fries. (Really.)

And one more thing just now--had a really good talk with Lego's lifelong vet, Dr. Jane O'Donnell of Winter Hill Veterinary Clinic, who is the best vet ever, and I feel a little bit better now.
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