November 30th, 2008


more kitties

Ack. Turns out watching two alternately frightened and overly inquisitive (as in "Can I jump to that?") kitties will wipe out even a long weekend!

The short version: things are good, with one possible exception.

Initially they were skittish about coming upstairs, but once they realized upstairs was warmer, in addition to giving them a vantage point on downstairs, things turned the other way around. By last night they had both realized that my bed was a pretty good sleeping spot, even if I was in it. Wilson gets really nervous really quickly, but he's getting better about trusting that things will be all right. (He did hide for about five hours today, but right now he's lounging contentedly in the hallway .)

The possible problem is that as I tackled a big pile of unfolded laundry that had taken over the TV room couch, I got down to some socks that seemed... damp. And stinky, but not in a sock-like way. :( One of the boys apparently decided that was a good spot to pee. So I don't know if it's a one-time stress-induced issue, a consequence of either Wilson being terrified or Avery being formerly feral, or a commentary on my laundry skills. I'm kind of worried because I've only seen Avery in a litter box once since he arrived here, and I'm really not well set up to deal with things if it turns out he's inadequately housetrained. If it's Wilson, it might well be stress... unless he's actually not fully housebroken and that's what incited his former owners to dump him (though clearly their cruelty had to come from somewhere else). I really hope I don't find anything else...
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