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Ironia Funfest
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Monday, July 20th, 2009

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Today's installment of "An Excuse a Day"!
Too much fun = not enough updating. I discovered just how many photos weren't linked from the main site and was disheartened. Also, there were two trips to Beer Works and the Lowell game Saturday, and Sunday was a great day but a reminder of how just sitting outdoors on a gorgeous day can make you happy but lethargic...

And it was indeed a gorgeous, if ultimately not historic, day...

(Front to back: Rocky Cherry, Billy Traber, T.J. Large)

Oddly enough, despite seeing Michael Bowden pitch at the minor league complex, in games in Spring Training, in side sessions at McCoy, and for real at Fenway, I'd never seen him pitch in a minor leage game (aside from Futures at Fenway). So I was thrilled that it finally lined up where I was going and he pitched!

A quick selection behind the cut!Collapse )

Tonight, either more updates, or I'll have to come up with a really, really good excuse...!

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