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In praise of Modell's

June 28, when I went to the Sox/Mets game that Pedro started at Fenway, the folks from WEEI were passing out cardboard signs that read "LET'S GO SOX" on one side... and "WELCOME BACK PAY-DRO" on the other. I was really appalled--it was clear to everyone but a few muckrakers that Pedro was being welcomed back by Boston fans in a very warm, respectful, adoring and grateful manner. And I was disappointed that Modell's, a company I like a great deal, was also a sponsor on the sign--in fact, their logo was right below the side I found so offensive. I took one of the signs, folded it up, and wrote Modell's with my disappointment the next morning.

Today I received from Modell's HQ a note of apology, with a promise to check out the local promotions to ensure they don't offend the fans, and a "please come back" gift of $50 in gift certificates.

Can I be bought so cheaply?

Can my integrity be traded for the price of a Mark Loretta T-shirt, and a Mike Lowell T-shirt, and maybe a few wristbands?

Do you think that I--no, the navy ones. In Large, please. ^_^

(It's the apology that did it, really.)
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