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So I had a really busy start to November, getting copies made of my pictures of Josh Papelbon so Mike at Sure Shot could use them for a signing. Had a great time at the signing; even big brother Jonathan took a long and seemingly appreciative look at the photo I had for him. Got to thank Bill Mueller for 2004, and told him I'd never love another team like I loved that one--he replied, "Me, too." And I'd brought Josh a full set of the good Fenway photos, which he was happy to have. I did realize that I hadn't checked for any wider-range shots that might have showed off the fact that he was at Fenway better, so after I got home, I revved up the computer and clicked on the drive...

... the external drive, the 80GB Passport, where I had stashed just about all of the late-2006 photos...

... the drive I had used the night before. The drive. The DRIVE!!!

"Drive is not formatted. Would you like to format now?"

Did I mention that these files were not backed up?

Cliffs Notes version, leaving out the sick feeling that lasted a week: Ran Western Digital's diagnostics, which said there were bad sectors. WD's FAQ said "Whoopsie! You might consider these fine data recovery services!" Data recovery service said "Don't worry--data can usually be recovered for only $500-$2800." WD's one-day-response online system got me... [crickets] Begged for help on SoSH (right under a query of "Help! I spilled bong water on my carpet!") and got at least reassurance and a referral to the WD user forum, where I was referred to a program called Get Data Back, which, well, did. ^_^ And there was much rejoicing.

Public Service Reminder to ME as well as to everyone whose comments I read in my search for help who complained in various forums/reviews about losing data when drives failed: DRIVES FAIL. If your data is important, you should have it backed up; if it's really important, you should have it backed up twice!

End result: I now have a glowing new computer (Really. It glows. Like a light bulb. Because it actually has lights mounted on the case. Apparently you can change the light colors in setup mode.) which has two hard drives AND an external drive AND a functioning CD burner. It's roughly the size and shape of an aircraft carrier. But at least now I feel ready to start working on the photo backlog!

So what else is new? Actually managed to ship kteeski's birthday present to her before Christmas! Hazzah! Took the cats in for checkups and blood work; even with a 3-1 vet staff-to-cat ratio my guys nearly got the better of them. Got Spring Training tickets, not nearly as good as last year's but what the heck. Regular season Sox Pax on sale this Saturday; may the gods of the Virtual Waiting Room bless me again. My cousin's annual party on Sunday. The weekend after, dinner with Bronson Arroyo (and maybe 99 other fans) on Sunday to kick off the death march to Christmas. Am I ready? Darned if I know...

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