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New Stars for Young Stars

Craig Hansen and a stray strand or two.

Dave Pauley--yes, I asked him to smile! ^_^

Manny Delcarmen--without a doubt the friendliest guy there.

Clay Buchholz, adorable and very unassuming.

Lenny DiNardo! Could someone not have mentioned in advance that Lenny would be there?

Bowling after the signing with the kids.

Manny bowled a couple of strikes even in the few minutes I was watching him.

He's not looking at me, honest--but watching Pauley and this little girl ought to have been off-limits for a diabetic like me!

Two young ladies apparently wanted their picture taken not with David Pauley, but by David Pauley.

MDC and Kason Gabbard in back. Gabbard and Buchholz had a serious-looking game going on!

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