sittingstill (sittingstill) wrote,

Came out of the house this morning to find that the giant spider that had been spotted in the garage (and which somehow I never found time to go see--imagine that...) had come out to the back yard and spun an enormous web at the entrance to the garden. The spider itself is about 2.5 inches end to end as it hangs in the center of the web and appears dark and light brown with banded legs. From looking around online, it appears that a) it is a "garden orb" sort of spider, b) they are shy and run away from people, and c) looking at too many spider websites makes me really, REALLY jumpy.

Got two more pages of Sox photos up yesterday: June 18 (which I didn't really have up at all) and May 20 (which had been up at Yahoo but not as a thumbnail page). The index page is out of control. I think one day of Thanksgiving weekend I need to puzzle out something more workable.
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