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Bring on the Indians!

It's a strange morning for me. Am I happy that the Yankees lost? Well, yes--they're our divisional rivals, not to mention divisional rivals who consistently outspend us, and so I'm always rooting against them. But I don't hate them, collectively or individually. I have strong dislike for Giambi, because I will always feel he had an opportunity to come clean about steroid usage, and when he looked Honor in the face, he could only say "I'm sorry." (And there was that small matter of the effect his 'roid-aided hitting had on the Sox fortunes in 2003.) And I dislike Clemens, though I still suspect that Steinbrenner told him flat out that this was likely to be the last year he'd be able to appreciate October...

But I don't hate the Yankees. Yet I'm faced with a day where I know many of my friends--many of whom are great people and great baseball fans--will take pleasure in, say, a photo of Robinson Cano gazing out at the Indians' celebration--something that to me only points out that every year, a lot of good players go home with that look on their faces.

Before 2004 I would say things were different, but it seems to me that one of the best parts of that triumph was that we vanquished the Yankees. I'm always amused when folks throw around references to the 26 rings, because I wouldn't trade 2004 for all 26. And I savor that every time I reflect on the fact that the Yankees are not in my head. I don't have to minimize their abilities, tossing aside my baseball faculties in service of blind adherence to a rivalry. And the main reason I'm happy they're out is that certain elements of both fan bases get uglier than necessary when they face each other. (And by no means does this mean everyone--heck, at Yankee games at Fenway I'm always struck by how many pairs and groups of fans include partisans of both sides!)

Anyway, I did manage to whip through photos from ALDS Game One, and put up a few from Game Two as well. Wonder of wonders, I'll be at ALCS Game One this Friday. Looking forward to snapping the introductions again, and to giving Mr. Nixon a standing O.

One last before some sample snaps--my apologies again to boston_princess, who put together some gorgeous photo shows set to music, and at whom I snapped a bit because the embedded video links didn't show credit for the photos that were mine. She did properly credit on the main YouTube page, which was very much my bad to not see. But she took them down; I hope I can convince her to put them back up...

Me likey the dark grey sweatshirts!

Papelbon is doing his closer glare for the camera, but Buck's expression says it all! ^_^

Playoffs make everyone uptight, I think.

What a game by these boys. Tek's not a hugger anyway, but I like the congratulatory punch to the side of the head.

I never get tired of Pedie's expressions.

As far as I know the first time I got Cinco Ocho with his Cinco Ocho glove.

Did I mention that I wore my Buchholz #61 road jersey? And that he signed it for me?


I wonder sometimes if Tito ever realized it would be like this. ^_^

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