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Wow. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks, and I've scarcely posted... and now looms the abyss, where there's little to do but stress about the Sox re-signing Mike Lowell. I guess it's time to catch up a bit!

Last Friday, a woman I chat with on the bus asked me how many games I got to in the postseason. I said "Both of the Division games at Fenway, ALCS Game One, and World Series Game One." And then stood there savoring my own words. I went to World Series Game One!

Could Pedroia look any tinier?

Yaz throws out the first pitch.


Blurry, but I love this shot. The camerawoman was going for the FOX-dramatic looking-up angle on his face--he shot her a disgusted look and raised his glove.

Pedie's ring is going to be the same size as Ortiz's... so he can wear it as a bracelet.

I like Tek's furry jaw.

Better luck next time, Jacoby!


Action Jacoby.

It kills me that Tek chooses to crouch when he doesn't have to.

Action J.D.

Mike Timlin

Everyone loves a parade!

Please, don't drop the trophy!

Schill looking rather satisfied. Don't ask what's in the bottle, though.

Happy Dustin!

Happy Hinske!

Jon Lester captures the day for posterity...

... but does give us a glimpse of his face, too!

Javy Lopez.

... So now I have to explain something. ^_^ Back in Baltimore, I'd had one of those holy grail moments: I was able to ask Kyle Snyder to pose with my trip mascot, Steve the ferret.

I'd printed several 8x10s of this photo, but my buddy Cyn printed up a 16x20, and brought it to the parade. She had it out, we all screamed (Cindy the loudest)... and the next thing you know, everyone on the bullpen duck was yelling for poor Kyle!

"Kyle! Lunatics ahoy!"

Kyle had been videotaping--I think here he's checking to see if he got us. ^_~

The band gets down to business.

Mike Timlin.

Can't leave out Parlay!

Never got a good shot of Papelbon, but I liked the rock star face (and the earplugs!).

Cyn and I, staunch supporters of Drew, both yelled. He noticed.


Papi shows good taste in wearing the awesome grey playoff sweatshirt. I should have one of these in my hands any minute now!

Re-sign Mike Lowell!

Managed to get in one more baseball-related event, a sports collectibles show where the Brothers Papelbon, Clay Buchholz, Bobby Kielty, and Kyle Snyder, among others, appeared...

Got Paps to sign a 16x20 of this...

and I brought one for him, too! Plus an 8x10 of this...

... and for good measure, one of him actually pitching!

Had two of Joshua Papelbon from spring training:

Cropped this one to showcase Kielty a little more:

And several of Buchholz:

My favorite one from Pawtucket:

Two from his debut at Fenway:

One from the no-hitter:

My favorite of him from the division clinch:

And just about the last one I took of him, before ALDS Game Two:

And... you can just imagine what I asked Kyle Snyder to sign, can't you? ^_^ ^_^

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