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A few snaps from the World Series Movie premiere

Went to the premiere of the World Series movie on Monday with Cyn. We got there early to stake out spots on the red carpet at the Wang Center, though the carpet itself was so narrow that it didn't offer much in the way of room to take photos. I brought my baby camera* for a few snaps, but I was really just there to take everything in. Had some fun watching my hero Brita Meng Outzen (plus Bill Brett, Matthew West and a few others) snapping away, joked around with Wally, Lefty and Righty, and got to see the Dropkick Murphys, Schill, Tito, MDC, Larry Lucchino and both the 2004 and 2007 trophies pass by! We had front-row seats for the show itself. It was a lot of fun, of course, and Damon's ad-libbed "Suck it, New York!" brought the house down, but I couldn't help feeling unsatisfied by the "World Series" movie without the buildup for the regular season. Glad to hear that NESN is working on their own disc, which I know will have more of what I want. Heck, under the credits they ran Kyle Snyder doing some kind of belly roll in the dugout, Clay Buchholz closing out his no-hitter, and Kason Gabbard on the mound, and I think I enjoyed that as much as the Series footage!

Following the event, we saw Jere and his girlfriend with Joanna, as well as Sam Horn--then on the sidewalk outside I managed to dodge getting run over by Sam Horn just in time to be nearly run over by Larry Lucchino.

Haven't watched my copy of the DVD yet, but I do want to see one clip in particular--Papelbon walked up to Dustin Pedroia in the outfield in BP, and Pedie looked right at him and said "I'm miked up, so don't say anything stupid..."

Manny Delcarmen up close and personal...

The light was terrible, of course, but I liked Schill's blue-on-blue look and the shadow as he carried the 2004 trophy across the stage.

Awful light, again, but just to reinforce how amusing Curt's outfit was:

Dan Roche talks to Dave Magadan.

(I was talking to Cyn as we waited outside when Roche walked past us--I had that immediate someone I know! response and almost called out a greeting before I fortunately realized that, er, I don't actually know him, I just see him a lot, on TV.)

Glad I managed a head-to-toe shot of MDC's suit!

"Come on, Tito. You know me. You couldn't have given me a call to ask what I was wearing?"

That said, you can see how utterly unfazed Schill was by the whole thing. ^_^

It's hard for me to reconcile this Tito with the one who chews on that thing he chews on.

I think Mags "heard" what I was thinking: "I'm so glad San Diego cut you loose! Their loss!"

* The most surreal moment of the evening for me: as we waited by the red carpet, Wally came up to me, motioned with his hands as though he was extending and retracting something, then cocked his head and raised his shoulders in question. For a fraction of a second I thought What?--and then realized that he was asking me why I didn't have the big ass camera. When even Wally knows your MO, you know you're in trouble!
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