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A bunch from Wednesday!

Alas, no Bronson, but somehow I managed to shoot all day anyway. Lots more to come; this is mainly BP.

Coco with a smile.

Poor Clay. I think he wished he could run all his sprints away from the camera.

Clay's too sexy for his cap.

Not much belly on Beckett, there...

Snydes took his cap off, and I started shooting, and I hope that snarky look from MDC is a coincidence. ^_~

... but, I mean, who could resist?


Tek actually kinda smiling!

Yo-yo just can't get enough stretching, to Okaji's amusement.

Presenting the newest member of the bullpen...

Dave Pauley and Buck look back warily.

Random note: the two guys who yelled the most encouragement from the dugout were Johnny Pesky and Kevin Cash.

Jon Lester, today's starter.

Quick fast-forward to the exciting end, as Jed Lowrie makes for home...

... but remains in good spirits despite the "out!' call.

As ever, there will be more...!
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