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Just a few from last night

Only arrived for about two minutes of BP and then sat in the bleachers, so it's not much, but...

Watching the Japanese-themed (?) version of the National Anthem--Corey and Timlin apparently had some thoughts about it. (Ah, Bryan. Once again I hope a guy makes it through waivers even though I know he can pitch in the majors. Godspeed either way.)

Timlin arrives in the pen. Was he supposed to be there, not having been activated? Would you tell Mike Timlin not to do something he wanted to do?

Coco and J.D. during a pitching change.

Jed! Jed! Jed! Jed Lowrie! ^_^ (The gloves are visible from the moon, I'm pretty sure.)

It's blurry, yeah, but I have the feeling on their mutual off days these two are up to no good.

Another night, another game that went to 11. And thanks to the possibility of young Jed actually getting on the field, I had to snag a ticket for tonight. I've been shooting the pup for a long time now... if he makes his debut in Boston, I've got to be there. Even if it kills me!

... which it might!
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