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Where is my mind?

Well, the boys kept me up again (happily!) so I finished the starter Sunday page...

Timlin and MDC cavorting like kids.

Youk and Manny cavorting like bulls.

I know the fangirls love you, darlin', but sometimes even I see a picture and think, yow...

Tea! He has tea. I don't know why I find this so adorable.

The Statue of Insanity.

It's the rule--if you bring it onto the field, you have to share with the veterans.

Mini Frankenstein and his graceful base-stealing jump. ^_^

All blessings and positive vibes to Joba Chamberlain, his father Harlan and their family. It's tough to think of anyone with an ailing parent, but particularly so with a story like theirs.
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