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Quick catch-up post while awaiting the arrival of the morning project

Friday night's game froze me to my bones. I opted for the cab-home rather than than the leave-early-to-get-the-T approach, but by the time I got up I could scarcely move. Rain started minutes after I got there for BP, but there are a few random shots from BP and from my center-field perch next to the TV cameras here.

Stayed home Saturday for triumph and tragedy in the Derby. Too complicated for a workday post, but I'll get back to it before the Preakness. Concentrating on the good for now, it was a brilliant choice under the circumstances to put Big Brown on the far outside (you can see that the horses in 18 or 19 got badly squeezed and all but sat on his haunches when his jockey had to hit the brakes) and he got a masterful ride in addition to having the speed and stamina to take the win.

I don't have a thumbnail page for Sunday yet, but did get a few chosen shots edited...

I was worried about Jon Lester's pitch count--both he and Kazmir were around 50 after two--but he did settle down. Way to go, Crabcakes!

The Youk-to-Iwamura-to-coach-to-batboy handoff of the Broken Bat of Death was pretty funny.

Actually, it was a pretty funny game. Iwamura (not incidentally one of my favorite players for opposing teams) was hilarious in disputing the safe call here.

Just because I haven't been able to shoot Scenic Lowell much!

More hilarity: little Pedie dashes to the plate!

"I'm gonna run you over!"

"Fear me!"

"Aw... will ya... will ya move?"

"Aw, c'mon!"

Just an observation... Julian does not seem to enjoy the bullpen band.

Coco's expression was a perfect mix of "Wow, that hurt" and "Damn, I wanted to make that catch."

Hinske was hearing it from the Sox dugout after the bunt single. (And I so wish I'd shot the end of that play. "Look! [moves ball] It's foul!")

"Please can we do a double steal? Please? Please?"

"I mean, we have Winged Victory here on first..."

"And I'm so fast, I already stole Iwamura's watch!"

Post steal. Not the sharpest photo, but I love his expression.

"I just get the feeling that I'm being watched."

Victory is ours!

More tonight, I hope!

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