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Post-Baltimore photo catchup, Part I

Craig Hansen, talking to Mike Timlin.

Maybe the sweetest look on Julio Lugo I've ever caught.

Uh oh. Is Mike Timlin glaring at me?

I... uh... I... I'm gonna shoot somewhere else, now.

Manny Delcarmen.

And now, Jon Lester, Center Fielder.

MDC in the pen.

I yelled to Jeff Bailey when they came out of the dugout. He ignored me. ^_^ (No, he's not running from me here...)

Jacoby with the light in his eyes.

Coco was safe, if a little discombobulated.

Have scarcely looked at game photos from Friday, since I knew I had to get to some from Saturday!

The running Timlins!

I know you Tek folks, and you're an impatient bunch. Here's a few...

What a look on Kevin Cash...

Jon Lester.

Craig Hansen and the traveling pirate flag.

Dustin Pedroia has the most ridiculous swing ever. Of course, he hit a home run with this one, so what do I know?

Here comes Winged Victory!

And oh yeah... something else happened!

Congratulations to Manny!

Much more to come, though I'm off to see Justin Masterson tonight...
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