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A few more from Tuesday night

Jon Lester receiving an award for his no-hitter. I don't know what they were saying to him, but they were cracking him up.

David Aardsma makes things easy on Wally. Craig Hansen, not so much...

Justin Masterson takes the mound.

Chris Carter at Fenway!

I don't know what Josh Beckett's been drinking, but I've never seen him look so loopy as he has in the last week.

Manny can strike very good poses.

Drew/Aki collision at second. Watch that hand, J.D.!

They were both laughing. Wish I could have seen Aki's face.

Justin, not laughing.

We joke that Sean Casey never stops chatting. Here Carter, trapped, reflects. "Wow... Bailey was right. I should have listened to him..."

There will be plenty more--I was actually using two cameras!
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