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This morning's episode of Emergency Vets

Leo's home, and good bad or indifferent for his care, he seemed glad about it. He walked around the house a bit meowing/sighing very loudly.

In order to get him to eat anything at all I had to pull out the big guns: deli turkey and tuna. I'm as sure as I can be that his stomach hurts and that's why he's not eating. He's drinking all right, to my relief, but both times he started eating he stopped after a few bites and went and crouched under the living room table. They sent him home with three meds--Pepcid, amoxicillin and an appetite stimulant. I just got most of his Pepcid dose into him, mixed with tuna juice; he was very upset about his amoxicillin dose last night, and since I have to give that a bit later I didn't want to put him through two oral med dosings. My hope is that the Pepcid makes him feel better enough that he'll eat something when I give him the antibiotic, since he's supposed to have that with food.

Of course, it's also possible that his stomach issues have to do either with his intestines or even the aspiration process, but those are both no-win situations so I'm not going to worry about it.

He's gone up and down the stairs all right but hasn't tried to jump onto anything. I slept most of last night on the floor with him. (Ow.)

His brother greeted his return with a look that clearly said "I thought you were dead. (And I just moved half of my stuff into your room.)" Lego has hissed at him every time he's come near him; Leo doesn't seem especially worried. Lego may be figuring out that the availability of tuna has increased substantially since Leo's return, though; I think he's beginning to accept it.

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