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a quick bedtime status update

Okay--this won't be the Cincy post I'd envisioned, because I have one of those nifty sore throats where it feels like the insides of your ears are on fire and the pain of coughing up assorted squishy bits of your lungs--well, I'll stop. Sorry. TMI.

Anyway, June 13 is mostly done (not a great night for photos--no BP, sitting behind the screen and it drizzled a lot), and June 14 has some fun stuff from BP, with more to come (though again not a lot of game photos thanks to the screen). There are a very few shots from June 15 but I've barely scratched the surface there, as both BP and the game were great for shooting.

Meanwhile, sore throat or no sore throat, Justin Masterson laughing makes me laugh too.

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