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A few more from Sunday

A bit out of order, thanks to the two-camera attack again.

MDC says, "Don't you have enough pictures yet?"

But Okaji is relaxed.

Big Papi made an appearance in an awesome shirt.

I'm getting used to Craig Hansen's short hair.

Justin Masterson has looooong arms.

Daisuke, smiling.

Manny Delcarmen, catching:

Josh Beckett, hatless.

Chris Smith, showing off the high socks:

Kevin Cash, perhaps tired of the maybe-it-will-rain delay?

Mike Timlin, not letting the DL keep him away.

Coco and Jacoby run in after a great Ellsbury catch.

Oh, Paps.

Jon Lester on the mound:

Pedie's ridiculous swing:

Drew gets hold of one:


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