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Successful in Seattle, but...

Banes of my existence as a photographer, player division:

1. Gum
2. Spitting
3. "Adjusting"

So, guys, please don't get the superstitious idea from Jon Lester last night that an ill-fitting cup is the key to winning. Okay?

Chris Smith.

Jeff Corsaletti (now confirmed to be "Corso" by reliable sources...)

Before the presentation.

Dan Hoard, whom I usually hear but not see!

Joe Morgan.

Jim Ed Rice (whose short speech followed by "It's hot!" was terrific).

Ben Mondor cracking him up.

Ben Mondor receives his award.

RJ and Ben.

Yes, I did shoot some of David Pauley!

Chad Spann.

Dusty Brown.

Jonathan Van Every (he wouldn't get to this one, though).

Gil Velazquez clocks one.

For whatever reason Van Every's about the only lefty who photographs really well at the plate from "my" seat.

Even when he's less than pleased with the results.

I had the best of intentions to get everything currently edited up on thumbnail pages last night, but it didn't happen, and it's unlikely to happen tonight either as I'm off to Lowell for the Spinners game. Wednesday night, promise!
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